We are a small group of ‘regulars’ – music lovers who meet in the virtual cafe, to talk and share ideas about music. Some of us write music, some of us play music, some of us listen to music – some of us do some or all of these things.

You are welcome to join us at any time. Drop in as often as you like, share your views and get involved in the conversations. Making music can sometimes be a lonely furrow to plough, so take advantage of this opportunity to socially engage with this friendly and supportive community.

Every cafe has its own special atmosphere and ambience, which attracts those who feel ‘in tune’ with the space and what it has to offer. Our cafe is especially attractive for those who love modern music. Music that is not always easy to classify using the conventional labels, and sometimes needs a few listens to develop a deeper appreciation and understanding. But nevertheless, music that is accessible and engaging. It is ultimately music made for others to enjoy

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